Curate your art into gorgeous showrooms, and then decide where these showrooms appear and who sees them


Create Exhibitions for an Audience of One

If you want, use private showrooms to create personalized selections for specific followers, so you can engage with them about the thing they really care about.

Build Your Profile

Create a rich profile with our specialized tools. Attach your most important artworks to your bio, then details about your education, group exhibitions, solo exhibitions, press coverage and prizes.

Organize Your Art

Use our detailed templates for 11 types of art, and go into as much detail as you want to tell the story of each artwork in your portfolio, it’s age, technique, and story. Give people the context they need.

Curate Your Story

Curate your art into meaningful series, so people understand how artworks relate to each other. OR, curate it into events, exhibitions and art fairs, tagged with locations, dates and events, so people can also understand how your career has developed.

Control Your Exposure

Hide or publish your curated selections, depending on which artworks you want people to talk about. Create private showrooms for an audience of one, only accessible with a secure link, so you decide who sees specific artworks.