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A Personalized Experience

The App gives you and your followers an experience personalized around you. The icon for the app on your phone is your logo. Every page on the App features your branding, and you can connect supporter to your online activity. Everything connects back to you.

Build Your Following

Our powerful social media hub brings your supporters closer to your online activity. As they view your portfolio, they can follow you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Show Your Work

Use your mobile to show people your CV and Art wherever you are. Walk people through your exhibitions and use our beautiful full screen view that allows you to zoom in on the details within a specific artwork.

Target Your Message

Control what you share, where you share and with whom. Select an exhibition, artwork, or your entire profile and use our sharing tools, which work on Messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. Stay in control of your story.

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Zoom in on your art, check the details, the location and share - all in fullscreen

Try Our App

You don't need the App store to get your app. Go to your profile in vPatina and bookmark the URL link there on your mobile. Try bookmarking the example link below on your phone to experience our App.

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