Breakthrough features give you the edge you need, to grow your support and build your reputation

Specialized Storytelling Tools, Designed for Artists & Galleries

Add Images of Details, Installations, Inspirations, Events, Locations and the Studio, to tell the full story behind your art.

Share With Supporters in Style

Your profile, art, exhibitions and events are designed to look great on leading social media platform. It’s also easy for your supporters to share your work with their friends.

Help Supporters Find You

Tag your events with locations, so with a click on their smartphones, you supporters can use Google Maps to quickly walk find you, wherever your are.

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Get On Supporters’ Diaries

Tag your events with dates, so your supporters can add you events to the diaries on their phone, making sure they don’t miss your openings and shows.

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Grow Your Mailing List

Mailchimp, the leading mailing-list technology, is fully integrated into vPatina, so you can grow your mailing list directly from your vPatina website. Easy!

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Connect Any Technology You Want

Multiple ways for you to connect the technology you want to your website. Add a shop, sell digital content, video on demand. Whatever You Want!!

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Netflix-Level, Media Management

It's challenging to deliver media, crazy fast, on any device, at any internet speed, on any browser, in any file format, anywere in the world. We use the same platform as Netflix. It automatically re-formats, watermarks, and resizes at lightning speed, delivering a gorgeous experience.

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